Tie Break Rules for Tennis

Tie Break, Tennis pic
Tie Break, Tennis
Image: vbtennislife.com

Hans Van Tartwijk spent nearly two decades as president of T&vT, a development and construction company. Hans Van Tartwijk is now a partner with Princeton Property Partners and likes to stay active by playing tennis.

A set of tennis tied at six games all is usually settled by a tie break. The traditional seven point tie break begins with a single service point from the player scheduled to serve the 13th game of the set. The first point of the tie break is played from the deuce court. From that point forward each player serves two balls, once from the ad court and once from the deuce side. Players switch ends every six points. The tie break ends after a player scores seven points, though he or she must secure a two point advantage.

In some scenarios players tied at one set all may decide a match by a 10 point tie break, also known as a super tie break or match tie break. These tie breaks follow the same rules as a traditional tie break, including the two point advantage stipulation, with the exception that players must win 10 points.

There are a number of alternative methods of playing tie breaks, such as the Coman tie break. The Coman version of the tie break largely follows the same scoring structure as a regular tie break. The main difference involves changing ends after the first point and every four points after, opposed to every six points. Players also change ends after the tie break to begin a new set. The Coman rules can be applied to both seven and 10 point tie breaks.


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